jchiplinsky's Journal

All Day I Dream About Sauce
My name is Jesse, and I am a Chiplinsky

Define: Chiplinsky
-noun 1
An Australian based family originating from Poland.

-adjective 1
An insightful, intelligent, or observant person of noticably unusual or bizarre character and non-politically correct behaviour. Tall in physical height.

There is a lot of stuff that I want to say to a lot of people. Most of those surrounding me, really.

Sometimes when I'm with one of them, I will scream what I want them to know, in my head. Sometimes I'll even reply for them and we'll have this really incredible and profound, perspective-changing conversation. All the while I sit there silently, staring at the back of their head.
With people that I trust more, I'll sometimes do this while staring into their eyes. They might say "what?" or "what are you thinking about?", I'll then (amusingly to myself) reply "oh, nothing" or "how many pairs of underwear I own".

42% of these thoughts are actually said, 13% are actually said to the subject. The 87% of thoughts that aren't given, aren't so because: I'm worried these personalities (which I care enough for to think about) will be scared or put off by a possibly concieved intensity or heavy emotion generating these words.

If I write them here, only the eager listeners will find the words I want them to have. Does this post belong to you?

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