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Setting the scene?

Bankrupt in the Valley


Met this man. He read our palms and briefed us on our zodiac and chinese signs.
Apparently, Horses are more loyal to Dogs than Dogs are to Horses.
Ripped off.

My character according to zodiac and chinese sign is as follows:
Hard working. When I find the career that I am passionate for, I'll throw everything I have at it. Living on coffee, forgetting to eat, late nights at the office, regularly missing dinner with my adoring wife and kids, etc. (Ok I just added that in, but I just really want to be Elliot from Law & Order:SVU).
I don't trust or fall for people easily.
I observe people thoroughly, for a while, before I truely commit to them.
But when I do, I'm there until the end of the end.
And I'm not easily intimidated or scared by hard times or circumstances.
I love with my head before my heart, but once my heart is involved it's all John Cusak in Serendipity instead of Rose McGowan in Jawbreaker.

In my hand, he read:
Old soul. Mature beyond my years and grounded. I'm not at all flighty. I make a decision and I stand by it.
Long, healthy life.
I'll be 80 years old and able to remember that my cat, George, died in 2068 and no matter how loud I scream his name - he's not coming.

I'm pretty sure he just wanted to sit there holding our hands, like some sort of spiritual leader as we gaze up at him, hanging on his every word, in total agreeance and admiration with all that he spoke. 
It worked.
Felt pretty lame, but at the same time it was nice for someone to sit there and identify me.
I get off on listening to other people's opinion of me.
It's really the only way to grasp a general idea of how you act and behave. Not so much of who you are, as other people can't hear your intentions, emotions, or thoughts.
Only you can. It's easy to forget.
So maybe if you collaborate all of the above, you can make a fair educated guess as to who you are as a person.
and you'll find the "About me" sections of networking websites a shit load easier.


Setting the scene?

October 2009

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