Setting the scene?

Bankrupt in the Valley


Met this man. He read our palms and briefed us on our zodiac and chinese signs.
Apparently, Horses are more loyal to Dogs than Dogs are to Horses.
Ripped off.

My character according to zodiac and chinese sign is as follows:
Hard working. When I find the career that I am passionate for, I'll throw everything I have at it. Living on coffee, forgetting to eat, late nights at the office, regularly missing dinner with my adoring wife and kids, etc. (Ok I just added that in, but I just really want to be Elliot from Law & Order:SVU).
I don't trust or fall for people easily.
I observe people thoroughly, for a while, before I truely commit to them.
But when I do, I'm there until the end of the end.
And I'm not easily intimidated or scared by hard times or circumstances.
I love with my head before my heart, but once my heart is involved it's all John Cusak in Serendipity instead of Rose McGowan in Jawbreaker.

In my hand, he read:
Old soul. Mature beyond my years and grounded. I'm not at all flighty. I make a decision and I stand by it.
Long, healthy life.
I'll be 80 years old and able to remember that my cat, George, died in 2068 and no matter how loud I scream his name - he's not coming.

I'm pretty sure he just wanted to sit there holding our hands, like some sort of spiritual leader as we gaze up at him, hanging on his every word, in total agreeance and admiration with all that he spoke. 
It worked.
Felt pretty lame, but at the same time it was nice for someone to sit there and identify me.
I get off on listening to other people's opinion of me.
It's really the only way to grasp a general idea of how you act and behave. Not so much of who you are, as other people can't hear your intentions, emotions, or thoughts.
Only you can. It's easy to forget.
So maybe if you collaborate all of the above, you can make a fair educated guess as to who you are as a person.
and you'll find the "About me" sections of networking websites a shit load easier.
Setting the scene?

Sunday night at The Moon

Hayley and I requested Millionaire by Kelis ft. Andre 3000.
We had no idea it would lead to a series of multiple eargasms triggered by Ginuwine, Kelis, Nelly and more.

I have seriously been happier ever since.
Setting the scene?


I wish I had someone to do it with me.
A partner in crime. A BFFE. The girl that you always see, when you see me.
Someone who knows what I mean when I stagger away from my bed on a Saturday morning with make-up smeared all over my face and say "hrmmpphall-akapoochwinkle-anana-urgghhshit".
Obviously, what I mean to say was "Would you like a tea, Sweetheart? I'm just about to make one. Oh what a tremendous night! But goodness gracious, how did I acquire all these bruises?!"

I haven't had someone like that in years. Even then, I haven't really felt like we were riding the same wave.
This is the search I have been on since I was 5 years old, on my first day of pre-primary. A girl lunged at me like a unstable, psychotic girlfriend that just found out her boyfriend had been watching football at Ben's house when he had told her he was "working late".
"WE'VE GOT THE SAME NAME!", she shrieked. "My name's Jessica too!!".
"There must be some god-awful confusion", 5 year old Jesse thought.
"Cos if your name is Jessica, there is NO WAY on this side of JUPITER we have the same name", I exclaimed underneath a cloud of golden ringlets.
I should've known from then that we just weren't meant to be. Yet we continued this false and shallow relationship for another 3 years.
I often wonder how long it would've lasted if I didn't have a major Jonesy for her older brother.

Anyway, I'm a best friend slut.
It's true.
Your boyfriend I couldn't care for. It's your best friend and her knock-knock jokes I really utelise.

Being an only child - I guess it's inevitable to forever feel without a partner.
Or perhaps that's the same feeling of solitude every human feels.

I had a best friend once, but she ditched me for a controlling, possessive, hairy Macedonian.
I still think about her all the time and it's been over 2 years.

Sooner or later I will find this girl, in whom brings out the best, and the worst in me. It'll be hot.
I will also find a boy to match. We'll all hold hands and gallavant through fields of gold and fantasy on magical unicorns singing Beatles songs. Shoeless.

Setting the scene?

Catching up with myself

If you have noticed, I have not been on here in such a very long time.

Not since I have been working full time. Nearly a year to date.

I have had a long term boyfriend in that time. He has been and gone.
It feels like only a memory, although only a month has passed, if that.

Like virus', festivals', celebrities.. they're all cycles, with a beginning and always an end. Relationships fly into your life, and then they leave. And all your really left with is memories. Thoughts.
Nothing of material value. Nothing to even prove that the relationship existed except for some photos (that even then don't prove anything) and people that knew both parties at the time.

I love relationships. I love the beginnings, middles, and even the ends. I love the thousands of different feelings that all every person you come into contact with, inplaces inside of you.
At times I feel like I am a robot. I walk through my life, and I have no control over how I will feel that day. I in-trust my emotions to whomever I may meet and interact with that day.
The man I bump into on my way to work. The young girl who sells me my new pink lipstick. The mother who calls me up enquiring about her son's case progress. My boss. My best friend.

I happily hand over all power and ride the waves of emotion.

Other times I take control, and de-sensitize myself to other peoples actions and words. These times aren't too common.

Some people find sensitivity to other people a down fall, I in fact love it.
I like being controlled sometimes. Like a little girl playing with her Barbie doll, I have no option but to do what she makes me do. I am free of all responsibility of my actions.
There is a puppeteer above me and I can only do exactly as he chooses. I am at his command.

Perhaps I find it a relief to not control anything for once. I am too good at controlling myself and others at times.